About Heritage Local Food

Here at Heritage Local Food, we believe in working with our customers to build the health of our land, families and community. Together.

You deserve superior, nutrient-dense foods. Heritage connects you with farms that do things a little differently & go to great lengths to improve their craft and raise best-in-class foods.  We connect you with local businesses whose handmade products are created with skill & passion passed down through generations.

The Mission of Local

Our easy online ordering platform and convenient delivery methods link you to small family businesses with just a few clicks. And with more artisan producers joining this movement, you can purchase more of your family’s food locally and strengthen our local food network.

With all the changes in the world, Heritage Local Food works to offer healthier & fresher food to your community in a way that keeps you safe & builds a resilient local food chain.

Why it Matters

Exceptional taste
Local crops are picked at their peak and artisan products, like cheeses, are hand-crafted for best flavor. Livestock products are processed in nearby independent and decentralized facilities with better quality control.

Better for you
The shorter time between the farm and your table, the less likely it is that nutrients will be lost from fresh food. Food imported from far away has traveled on trucks or planes and sat in warehouses before it gets to you.

Safe food systems
There’s a unique kind of assurance that comes from looking a farmer in the eye at farmers’ market or driving by the fields where your food comes from. Our local farmers aren’t anonymous and they take their responsibility to you seriously.


Honesty in labeling
Do you really know where your food comes from and what’s in it? What types of pesticides or herbicides are used? What is that cellulose in your bread? You have the right to know everything about your food to make healthy choices.

Environmentally sound
Buying locally from your farmers’ market or artisans reduces packaging waste, lowers the carbon footprint, and removes the expense of transport and idle time. There is also less spoilage with crop planning and dynamic pricing changes.

Promotes genetic diversity
Corporate agriculture limits crop varieties to those that can withstand long transits, premature harvesting, industrial packing, and long shelf life. Local farms favor multiple varieties with fresher flavors, vibrant colors and extended harvest seasons.

Preserves open space
Local, diversified farms are less likely to sell farmland to developers and billionaires. Preserving our working landscape is essential to other economic activities such as tourism and recreation while assisting in attracting and retaining talent.

Restores ecosystems
Well-managed farms provide ecosystem services: we conserve fertile soil and protect water sources. The farm environment is a patchwork of fields, meadows, woods, ponds, and buildings that provide habitat for wildlife in our communities.

Invests in the future
Supporting decentralized farms today ensures there are farms here tomorrow. This is vital for food security as we continue to experience disrupted supply chains and an uncertain global future. Reliance on centralized systems is a threat to our future.

How we source your food

At Heritage Local Food, you will find producers who share our unwavering commitment to respecting and preserving the invaluable agricultural land that has fueled our communities for generations. We strive to partner with producers who offer the most nutrient-rich and healthy options available. From vibrant greens to high-quality proteins, we meticulously select each producer to ensure that every product you receive through Heritage Local Food contributes to your well-being while tantalizing your taste buds.

Our Producers

In the rural community of McCook, Nebraska, Heritage Local Food emerged as a solution amidst the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded by Paula Sandberg and her family, who come from a long line of dedicated ranchers, Heritage was born out of a personal need for dependable sources of locally grown, nutrient-rich, and healthy foods. What began as a solution for her own family quickly transformed into a mission to help families throughout Nebraska who were facing similar struggles.

Paula Sandberg’s realization was profound. She discovered that the scarcity of locally grown food not only left aging produce and proteins in the refrigerators of big box stores, but also left a significant void in local economies.

Determined to make a difference, Paula delved deep into studying the impact of supporting local farmers and ranchers. Her research highlighted a remarkable truth: by purchasing from their neighbors’ farms, families could infuse their local communities with a substantial influx of dollars. This, in turn, fostered greater resilience in community.

In 2022, a significant milestone came for Heritage Local Food as they partnered with Proven Ventures. This partnership marked the beginning of an exciting chapter, supporting the expansion of Heritage across the state of Nebraska. Shortly thereafter, Michelle Dill joined the team, bringing her passion and expertise to further enhance Heritage’s vision and impact.

Today, Heritage Local Food stands tall as a symbol of possibility. With its roots firmly planted in the values of community, sustainability, and health, Heritage serves as a vital link between local producers and the families yearning for high quality food and community investment.

As we continue to grow, we invite you to join us on this journey, where every purchase becomes an investment in the well-being of your family and resilient communities across Nebraska.

The farmhouse team

Paula Sandberg, Founder

Cultivating Community Through Food

Meet Paula Sandberg, the visionary force behind Heritage Local Food. Raised in a multi-generational ranching family, Paula’s roots instilled a profound appreciation for the land. This reverence drove her to establish Heritage Local Food, a platform that connects families and local producers, ensuring access to wholesome, locally grown foods that support local economies and grow small and micro businesses.

Paula’s commitment goes beyond nourishing bodies; it extends to invigorating communities. Her journey is fueled by a desire to build resilience and dependable access to nutrient-rich options. As a dedicated mother and grandmother, Paula’s love for family and community infuses her work, creating a sense of warmth and belonging within Heritage Local Food.

Through Paula’s unwavering dedication, Heritage Local Food envisions a future where agriculture and community seamlessly intertwine. Her leadership reshapes our relationship with food, offering a path towards a more vibrant and interconnected way of life.




Michelle Dill, Operations

Nurturing Excellence

Michelle Dill, an expert in sourcing high-quality ingredients, infuses Heritage Local Food with her extensive experience. As a former producer, Michelle understands the transformative impact of exceptional ingredients on health and well-being. Notably, she founded the acclaimed gluten-free granola, Big Green Tomato, in Fort Calhoun, showcasing her prowess in crafting delectable, health-conscious products paired with eye catching packaging.

Michelle’s operational leadership guides Heritage Local Food towards new heights. Her entrepreneurial background, coupled with a dedication to local and sustainable sourcing, solidifies her pivotal role. Her unwavering dedication ensures that every offering meets the highest standards, enriching lives and cultivating a vibrant community focused on well-being and sustainability.

With her guidance, Heritage Local Food thrives as a pinnacle of excellence, fostering a community centered on health and sustainability through uncompromising quality.