About Heritage Local Food

Here at Heritage Local Food, we believe in working with our customers to build the health of our land+families+community together.

You deserve superior, nutrient-dense foods so we connect you with farms that do things a little differently & go to great lengths to improve their soils.  We connect you with local businesses whose handmade products are crafted with skill & a knowledge passed down through generations.

Our easy online ordering platform and convenient delivery methods link you to small family businesses with just a few clicks. And with more artisan producers joining this movement, you can purchase more of your family’s food locally and strengthen our local food network.

With all the changes in the world, Heritage Local Food works to offer healthier & fresher food to your community in a way that keeps you safe & builds a resilient local food chain.

With Gratitude,

The Entire Farmhouse Team

At Heritage Local Food, you will find producers who share our unwavering commitment to respecting and preserving the invaluable agricultural land that has fueled our communities for generations. We strive to partner with producers who offer the most nutrient-rich and healthy options available. From vibrant greens to high-quality proteins, we meticulously select each producer to ensure that every product you receive through Heritage Local Food contributes to your well-being while tantalizing your taste buds.

In the rural community of McCook, Nebraska, Heritage Local Food emerged as a beacon of hope amidst the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded by Paula Sandberg and her family, who come from a long line of dedicated ranchers, Heritage was born out of a personal need for dependable sources of locally grown, nutrient-rich, and healthy foods. What began as a solution for her own family quickly transformed into a mission to help families throughout Nebraska who were grappling with similar struggles.

Paula Sandberg’s realization was profound. She discovered that the scarcity of locally grown food not only left aging produce and proteins in the refrigerators of Nebraskans but also left a significant void in local economies. Determined to make a difference, Paula delved deep into studying the impact of supporting local farmers and ranchers. Her research illuminated a remarkable truth: by purchasing from their neighbors’ farms, families could infuse their local communities with a substantial influx of dollars. This, in turn, fostered greater resilience and strength in all aspects of community life.

In 2022, a significant milestone came for Heritage Local Food as they partnered with Proven Ventures. This partnership marked the beginning of an exciting chapter, supporting the expansion of the company across the state of Nebraska. Shortly thereafter, Michelle Dill joined the team, bringing her passion and expertise to further enhance Heritage’s vision and impact.

Today, Heritage Local Food stands tall as a symbol of aspiration and possibility. With its roots firmly planted in the values of community, sustainability, and health, Heritage serves as a vital link between local producers and the families yearning for nourishing, farm-fresh products. As we continue to grow, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey, where every purchase becomes an investment in the well-being of your family and the flourishing of resilient communities across Nebraska.

The Farmhouse Team

Paula Sandberg, Founder

Paula Sandberg, the visionary founder of Heritage Local Food, embodies the very essence of the company’s mission and values. With deep roots in agriculture, Paula hails from a multi-generational ranching family that instilled in her a profound appreciation for the land and its bounty.

At the heart of Paula’s journey is her unwavering commitment to building resilient communities. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences and driven by a desire to provide dependable access to locally grown, nutrient-rich, and healthy foods, she founded Heritage Local Food. Paula’s dedication to connecting families with their neighbors’ farms stems from her belief that supporting local producers not only nourishes our bodies but also invigorates local economies.

Beyond her remarkable achievements, Paula’s personal life is equally fulfilling. She is happily married to her sweetheart since kindergarten, Chris. She takes pride as the mother of ten children and grandmother to a growing family. Her love for family and community permeates every aspect of her work, infusing Heritage Local Food with warmth, compassion, and a sense of belonging.

Paula Sandberg, a true force of nature, continues to inspire and lead the charge in reshaping how we engage with our food systems. Through Heritage Local Food, she invites you to embrace a brighter future where the ties between agriculture, culture, and community intertwine harmoniously.

Michelle Dill, Operations

Michelle Dill brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the power of great ingredients sourced from high-integrity producers. Michelle's journey in the food industry began as a producer herself, giving her firsthand knowledge of the profound impact that quality ingredients can have on one's health and overall outlook.

Prior to joining the Heritage team, Michelle made her mark as the founder of Big Green Tomato, a cult-foodie favorite located in Fort Calhoun. Her expertise in creating deliciously crunchy, gluten-free granola became widely recognized, earning her a stellar reputation among health-conscious food enthusiasts. Her dedication to crafting exceptional products further solidified her passion for supporting local and sustainable sourcing.

As operations support at Heritage Local Food, Michelle brings her wealth of knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to the forefront, steering the company towards new horizons of success. Her experience as a former producer, and packaged food advisor, and her steadfast commitment to quality and integrity make her an invaluable asset to the Heritage team. With her leadership, Heritage Local Food continues to thrive as a beacon of excellence, connecting consumers with the very best that local and high-integrity sources have to offer.

Michelle Dill's passion for delivering exceptional food experiences and her deep understanding of the vital role that quality ingredients play in shaping our well-being continue to shape Heritage Local Food's resolute commitment to excellence. Her dedication and expertise ensure that every product offered through the platform is held to the highest standards, enriching the lives of customers and fostering a vibrant community centered around health and sustainability.