Communities are built with collaboration and Heritage Local Food is no different. We would love to explore a partnership with you.  

Thanks for supporting resilient communities by supporting local.

Now Recruiting Producers

Do you raise amazing vegetables, leafy greens, beef, pork, or eggs? Do you make the best breads, fresh pasta, fermented delights, or other specialty food?

Are you ready to share your products with more people across Nebraska?If your product, differentiators, availability, packaging, reputation, aspirations, and other factors suggest that this could be a value-add for our shoppers, we will likely request samples.

Let’s begin our journey and share a little bit about each other. Please use this form: Producer Inquiry Form, to share more about the products you offer, your practices, and what Market/s you can support.

Please give us a few days to review and respond to your inquiry. We are a small but mighty team out there telling the world about people just like you.

If you have questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

With gratitude,
The Heritage Local Food Team

P.S. You probably know another Producer that could be a good fit for our discerning shoppers. Go ahead and share this page with them. There’s room for everyone at the table!

How it works

The Heritage Market runs on a weekly cycle with shoppers filling their carts Sunday through Tuesday. Producers are notified of orders before the rooster crows on Wednesday and bring their products to Market on Thursdays.


Heritage Local highlights the finest in local food and gives shoppers confidence that what they purchase is the best. We do the legwork of finding exceptional Producers like you, so they don’t have to.


Align your brand with Heritage Local Food and the mission of small, local foods to connect with your customers in an authentic way.

By becoming a sponsor of Heritage Local’s Markets, your company shows a shared commitment to localism, entrepreneurship, and integrated health programs designed to empower our community.


Let's begin a beautiful partnership

Just like our Producers and Shoppers, we don’t do the conventional. Let’s sow a creative sponsorship relationship that meets your needs, and ours.

To begin a conversation and see what’s possible, let’s talk.

Drop a line to Michelle here to start planting the seeds.


We hire people who are good at what they do and have a high sense of customer service internally and externally. But just as important, are a good match for our team, producers, shoppers, and community.

We look for people that match our core values of Community, Common Sense, Communication, Thoughtfulness, Professionalism, and Teamwork. These values form the foundation of our Midwest work ethic, not just of how we hire but of how we work together with our communities to grow local.

Current Openings

Click the listing for more information and to apply.

Kearney Market Host

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