Heritage Acres

Chris Sandberg
Located in: Stratton, NE

Market(s) served: McCook, North Platte

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Beef, Eggs, Pork


Free-Range, GMO Free, Pasture Raised

We are a southwest Nebraska family that loves hard work, each other, and farm life…preferable all at the same time. Our families have been in farming & ranching for generations and we both grew up on working farms. Over the past two decades, we have re-homesteaded our own small slice of heaven…improving the farm, the land, and ourselves in the process. We live on a vintage-style, working farm complete with cows, chickens, small orchard, & large garden.

We raise grain-finished beef: wonderful, buttery smooth steaks & well-marbled roasts. Using intensive, rotational grazing and cover crops, we work with the cattle to regenerate this land we’ve been blessed with. Our artisan beef is grain-finished in small batches producing a taste profile & marbling that is premium.

Along with these cattle, wheat & forage are grown on our cropland. We also pasture hens to produce a nutrient-dense egg, raise pastured poultry and open-air pork.